Pokemon Yellow

Here are some of the differences between Pokemon Yellow and Pokemon Red/Blue. It's a little difficult to make it comprehensive, but I'll do my best. The further I get, the more I will update. This is in chronological order.

Firstly, outwardly. The package has a cute Pikachu using an electric attack, and so does the cartridge, which is a nice yellow (my fave colour). The game is also called "Pokemon - Pikachu version". It costs the same as the others, Aus $49.95, although you could get them cheaper at Toys R Us. *plug plug*

Some people claim you can get all 150 (or 152) in this game. That is rubbish. You cannot get Team Rocket's Pokemon (Ekans/Arbok, Koffing/Weezing, Meowth/Persian), or Raichu (yours is the only acquirable Pikachu, and it won't evolve), Jynx, Weedle-and-company, Electabuzz, Magmar... I think that's about it.

The opening screen is quite different. It shows Pikachu running towards you, and doing various cute things (surfing, riding on balloons). Finally, it jumps up close, does an electric attack, and says "Pikachu!"

The introduction to the game is the same, except that when Oak is talking about Pokemon, there is a picture of Pikachu instead of Nidorino. The choices of names are Yellow, Ash or Jack, and for your rival, Blue, Gary or John.

When you go into the tall grass at the start of the game, you can actually go a couple of steps into it, before Oak runs up to you.

OAK: Hey, wait! Don't go out! That was close! Wild Pokemon live in tall grass!

Then, a wild Pokemon appears. It's a Pikachu. Oak captures it (without weakening it), and he has one Pokeball. ^_^.

OAK: Phew. A Pokemon can appear anytime in tall grass. You need your own Pokemon for your protection. I know! Here, come with me!

You follow him into his lab. Gary is there.

OAK: Gary? Why are you here already? I said for you to come by later... Ah, whatever! Just wait there. Look, ASH! Do you see that ball on the table? It's called a Pokeball. It holds a Pokemon inside. You may have it! Go on, take it!

Gary wants one too.

OAK: Be patient, Gary, I'll give you one later.

So, you go to pick up the Pokeball. But when you get to the table, Gary comes up, pushes you out the way and stands in front of the Pokeball instead.

GARY: No way! Ash, I want this Pokemon!

GARY snatched the POKEMON!

OAK: Gary! What are you doing?

GARY: Gramps, I want this one!

(Spoiled brat!)

OAK: But, I... Oh, all right then. (Come on Oak, what sort of authority figure are you?!) That Pokemon is yours. I was going to give you one anyway... Ash, come over here. Ash, this is the Pokemon I caught earlier. You can have it. I caught it in the wild and it's not tame yet.

ASH received a PIKACHU!

You move away, but Pikachu says "Pika" and interrupts.

OAK: What? Would you look at that! It's odd, but it appears that your PIKACHU dislikes Pokeballs. You should just keep it with you. That should make it happy! You can talk to it and see how it feels about you.

Pikachu follows you around. It actually does look like a Pikachu, its screen icon was redrawn as few were.

Turning to Pikachu and pressing "A" allows you to see how Pikachu's feeling. It also speaks; yes, speaks, unlike red and blue where it just has its standard noise. If you do it now, Pikachu is cross with you. ^_^.

Then you leave the lab, Gary challenges you with his Pokemon (an Eevee, L5 like your L5 Pikachu) and you win, hahahaha, take that Gary. *ahem* Whenever you send Pikachu into a battle, it gives a challenge of "pikaa!"

Stopping off at your house before leaving on your journey, your mother says "Ash, if you drive your Pokemon too hard, they'll dislike you. You should take a rest." And then Pikachu is healed. Hmm, so resting for two seconds cures all wounds? I'll have to bear that in mind.

Talking to Pikachu, it is now a little happier after the healing, but is still not impressed with you.

Go to Viridian City, get a parcel for Professor Oak, and return back to Pallet. You go into Oak's lab and give him the parcel.

OAK: By the way, I must ask you to do something for me.

Then, Gary runs up.

Gary: Gramps! Gramps, my Pokemon has grown stronger! Check it out!

Oak: Ah, Gary, good timing! I needed to ask both of you to do something for me. *cue blathering about Pokedex*

And so your journey begins properly, with your very own Pokedex. All Pokemon entries are different in Pokemon Yellow, and their pictures, for the most part, are also different. For example:

Pikachu - It keeps its tail raised to monitor its surroundings. If you yank its tail, it will try to bite you.

Pidgey - Very docile. If attacked, it will often kick up sand to protect itself rather than fight back.

Mankey - An agile Pokemon that lives in trees. It angers easily and will not hesitate to attack anything.

Some of the Pokemon you can find are different also. Next to Viridian, you can catch Mankey, Spearow, Rattata and Nidoran. I thought I might try my hand at training a Mankey, so I caught one, as well as one of all the others.

As soon as I caught my first other Pokemon, Pikachu seemed happier with me. I wonder why.

Gary, who you meet by Viridian, challenges you with a L9 Spearow (yay, I like Spearow) and a L8 Eevee. Similar to red and blue, except there his L9 bird is a Pidgey.

Now, a part I thought was a little funny. You know the old man who teaches you how to use Pokeballs by catching a Weedle? This time, he tries to demonstrate again (on a Rattata, this time), and... heheh, the Pokeball breaks open, Rattata didn't get caught.

OLD MAN: That didn't work! I must be losing my touch. I've run out of Pokeballs too. I have to get some at Pokemon Mart.

He runs off. Later, you can ask him again and he does correctly catch a Pokemon. (For some reason, he still only has one Pokeball. What's the point of buying just one if you're going to demonstrate your abilities to anyone coming past?)

OLD MAN (after you say you'll learn how to catch Pokemon): Dandy! Watch what I do closely now!


In Pokemon Centers, everything is the same except the nurse looks a bit different; she is now Nurse Joy, which is evident especially when she turns to the side and you can see her loops of hair. Beside her, making her small space behind the desk even MORE cramped, is a Chansey. ^_^.

The next part of the game is largely the same. Brock (who is wearing the clothes he is in the show, yes, he's not shirtless any more) challenges you with his Geodude and Onix. After you beat him and he gives you bide, he says he wants to be a Pokemon breeder, and points you to Cerulean Gym. Heh, sorry Brock, in the game you leave him stuck in the gym instead of letting him join in your journey.

"There are all kinds of trainers in the world! Some raise Pokemon for fights. Some see them as pets. I'm in training to become a Pokemon breeder. If you take your Pokemon training seriously, go visit the gym in Cerulean and test your abilities!"

Brock can be hard to beat. He was for me the first time I played. Since you start with Pikachu, which is virtually useless (although a little stronger than in red or blue), and all other Pokemon you meet don't know any decent attacks, a good idea is to get a Caterpie to a L10 Butterfree and use confusion, the first attack that won't be uneffective.

But this time, I found a better strategy. My Mankey, while fighting (heh, pun intended) in Viridian Forest, amazed me by learning Low Kick (a fighting attack) at about L9... now, I don't know much about Mankey, but I don't think it learned a fighting move that fast in red or blue. Anyway, since fighting is strong against rock, this is obviously ideal for facing Brock.

My battle with Brock went something like: Mankey beats up Geodude effortlessly. Mankey attacks Onix a few times before fainting (it wasn't at a very high level). I send out my strongest, Pikachu, to just tail whip and growl a lot, so the Pokemon with moves that will work can have more hope. I attack with little success using each of my Pokemon, which eventually faint in turn. I ended up beating Onix with a L2 Nidoran. It reached L7 after that experience. *laughs*

Continue on, with the game following red and blue... I think there are Sandshrew in the bushes before Mount Moon. At the end of Mount Moon, you're about to leave the cave, when the music changes and somebody calls to you:

"Stop right there!"

Two figures run up. They are familiar. ^_^. Cute icons for those two, it's none other than Jessie and James.

"That fossil is TEAM ROCKET's! Surrender now or prepare to fight!"

The battle music comes up, and it says "ROCKET wants to fight!" with a picture of a cute Jessie and James. There are three Pokeballs... hmm, Meowth in a Pokeball?

First challenge is L14 Ekans.

Second challenge is L14 Meowth. (Meowth is actually fairly strong. Its bite is good. It fainted my Pikachu, which was at a higher level, and one bite took off half my HP. When Pikachu faints, it wails "chaaa!" and then it won't follow you around until it has healed.)

Third challenge is L14 Koffing.

After you win (which is inevitable really ^_^.), they say "A brat beat us?" and give you 420. That's funny, they give you money, and they're the thieves. ^_^.

Then they say "TEAM ROCKET, blast off at the speed of light!" and disappear in a flash of light. After that battle, my Pikachu was at a HP of 2, and poisoned. Dear me. I looked at it to ask how it was, and it uttered a pitiful "piiii" with tears in its eyes.

You continue on to Cerulean. There, you challenge Misty with her Staryu and Starmie. I found her tough even with Pikachu. In the end, my Mankey did most of the work, and Pika finished off her Starmie. I asked Pikachu how it was feeling after I beat Misty, and it raised its paw triumphantly, saying "Pika pika chuu!"

Misty's intro is quite funny. "What's your policy on Pokemon? What is your approach? My policy is an all-out offensive with water-type Pokemon! Misty, the world-famous beauty, is your host! Are you ready, sweetie?"

Misty is also wearing the clothes she did in the show.

The house in Cerulean where you used to be able to get a Jynx (cool Pokemon, that), is now changed. Inside, is an Oddish, Sandshrew and Bulbasaur, as well as a girl. Their icons are actually made to look like the Pokemon they are, the Sandshrew is even quite detailed.

If you talk to the girl, she says "I take care of injured Pokemon. I nursed this Bulbasaur back to health. It needs a good trainer to take care of it now."

It is obvious that after reaching some point in the game, you can return and she will give you the Bulbasaur, as in this game, you are able to acquire all three starter Pokemon. It is also obvious that this girl is supposed to be Melanie.

The police officer who is guarding the robbed house is Jenny. (And the house actually looks like it has been broken into. I still think it's odd that after you see Bill, she actually LETS YOU IN that house.)

If you go onto Nugget Bridge, and meet Gary, he has L18 Spearow, L15 Sandshrew, L15 Rattata, and an Eevee whose level I forget.

North of Nugget Bridge is a field with a man in it. I think it is supposed to be a nicer version of Damien. If you talk to him, he says:

"I'm not good at raising Pokemon. I should release my Charmander because I haven't raised it well... If you promise me you'll care for it, it's yours."

I said 'no'. (I don't like Charmander much. ^_^.) So he said "Oh... I'd better release it then."

I doubted that I could just abolish my one opportunity to get a Charmander in the game that easily, so I talked to him again, and he gave me the same speech. This time I said yes, and he gave it to me, saying "Take good care of my Charmander!"

At Bill's house, as you go in, Pikachu runs up to Bill-the-Pokemon with a question mark over its head. If you talk to Pikachu, it has a very puzzled look. "Pika pika pikachu?"

After Bill goes into the teleporter, Pikachu runs after him and keeps on looking confused.

When Bill comes out the side, Pikachu absolutely spazzes. "Pi pikachu!", and its eyes are wide.

A few of the things that random trainers say to you are different, mostly they are the same. An interesting one that I found was... well, there are two junior trainers, one male and one female, who are standing facing each other, chatting, in the grass before Vermilion City. In red/blue, if you talk to them, they say that they're in a private conversation, and start whispering.

But this time:

Male: I'm doing this out of love. Leave me alone! *after loss* No, this can't be. *talking to him after* My love will leave me in disgust.

Female: I'm training for my love. Don't bother me! *after loss* My textbook never... *talking to her after* Now I understand. Pokemon isn't about calculated numbers.

For some odd reason, I think of these two as Joe and Giselle. Pokemon Tech was also somewhere between Cerulean and Vermilion in the show, was it not?

[Note: I'm told these trainers had a Weepinbell and Cubone. I didn't notice it, but I guess it IS Giselle and Joe. Cool.]

In Vermilion, there is an Officer Jenny standing in the middle of the town. If you talk to her, she says "I just caught a Squirtle that was always getting into mischief. I think it needs a good trainer to set it straight." So that's where you get your Squirtle. Later, she will give it to you.

The SS Anne seems to be the same. In Vermilion Gym, Surge greets you with:

"Ten-hut! Welcome to Vermilion Gym! Will you look at that, a pint-size challenger! Hahaha! You've got big and brassy nerves to take me on with your puny power! A Pokemon battle is war! I'll show you, civilian! I'll shock you into surrender!"

Aww, he didn't call me baby. ^_^.

Surge uses a L28 Raichu. I got it to low power with Geodude until Geo fainted (it was at a low level, and I thought "okay, I'll give it a potion after the next turn" but it was too late)... so then I sent out Pikachu. Heheh, just like the show, Pikachu beat Raichu.

I notice that Pikachu has become hyperactive. It is kind of annoying. You look at him and he bounces up and down really fast and makes a stupid happy face. Kinda saccharine.

Continue your journey... there is a youngster on the way to Rock Tunnel (this is the same place, just after Cerulean, that AJ appeared in the TV show) who greets you with "I aim to be the ultimate trainer!" He sends out a L24 Sandshrew. After losing, he says: "My Sandshrew lost? I'll restart my 100-win streak with Sandshrew." No prizes for guessing who THIS is.

The Rock Tunnel seems the same - tedious, tedious, tedious. ^_^. Has the same Pokemon too. Continue your way and go to Celadon. Of course, me, being me, went immediately to the Pokemart, bought a Thunderstone, and tried it out.

"Pika pika!" says your pal, angrily.

PIKACHU is refusing!

If you ask it how it is, it turns its head away angrily and looks resentful. A welcome change from its hyperactive cuteness! ^_^.

Everything continues to be the same. Erika is the same as the show except she uses:
L30 Tangela
L32 Weepinbell
L32 Gloom

For someone who likes flying Pokemon, she is not a terrible challenge. My team at this point in time is Geodude, Diglett, Doduo, Spearow, Pikachu and Mankey. Interestingly, you CAN dump Pikachu in the PC. Mwahaha. ^_^. It 'pika pika's angrily when you do, and cries "pikaaaa" when you take it out.

The next interesting thing to happen is when you go through the basement in the Rocket corner. All is well until you take the elevator to the floor where the boss is. Unlike in red or blue, no guards or doors are in sight. You take a couple of steps forward, and then familiar music plays...

"Not another step, brat!"

The first time I did this, I wasn't paying enough attention and I wasn't sure what they had said. So, I thought I'd better restart my game so I could find out for sure, so this thing wouldn't have mistakes on it. I thought I'd saved the game in the elevator. I was wrong. I had to go through the whole blasted Rocket Game Corner again. That really makes me cross.

Anyway, *ahem* back to the narration. After they yell that, two figures come running up and surround you. Jessie and James. ^_^. "How dare you humiliate us at MT. MOON! It's payback time, you brat!"

Their order of Pokemon changed. It changes each time.

L25 Koffing
L25 Meowth
L25 Ekans

You beat them and they say: ""Such a dreadful twerp! Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!"

And then you can go challenge Giovanni. The good thing about Jessie and James is they take the place of other guards, so you can actually fight some INTERESTING Rockets.

Giovanni uses a L25 Onix, L24 Rhyhorn and L29 Persian.

After beating Celadon, I decided to return to Cerulean and see if I could get Bulbasaur yet. This time, the lady said:

"I take care of injured Pokemon. I nursed this Bulbasaur back to health. It needs a good trainer to take care of it now. I know! Would you take care of this BULBASAUR?"


"Oh... That's too bad..."


"Please take care of Bulbasaur!"

I read that the girl would give you Bulbasaur once Pikachu was very happy with you. I guess it is the case.

And then, on to Vermilion, to try and get that Squirtle from Jenny.

"You have the Thunderbadge!? You must be a good trainer! I just caught a Squirtle that was always getting into mischief. Would you take good care of it?"


"Oh... What am I to do now?"


"Ok! Please treat Squirtle right!"

So now you have Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander. I do not raise any of them, I've had my fill of those three thanks. -_-;; If you go back and talk to Melanie (Bulbasaur girl), Jenny (Squirtle girl) or Damien (Charmander boy), they'll ask how their old Pokemon is doing. I don't have the heart to tell them that I've never once taken them from the PC. *laughs*

Now it's back to Lavender Town to continue the game. Since you've gotten the Silph Scope from Giovanni, you can go through Pokemon Tower. If you ask Pikachu how it's doing, it looks frightened and says "chaaa!"

When you get to the room where Fuji is, guess who shows up? Jessie and James. ^_^.

"Stop right there!... Grampa here wanted to complain, so we're setting him straight. So render yourself invisible, or prepare to fight!"

L27 Meowth
L27 Arbok
L27 Weezing
Their Pokemon have evolved, good stuff. I've never raised a Koffing but I didn't know it evolved THAT early. Oh well. Arbok looks cool, naturally.

"You will regret this!... Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!"

Yawn. Bye bye, Team Rocket.

Unfortunately, Snorlax is just as ANNOYING to catch in the show and in red/blue. I couldn't be bothered, I hate that lump of lard anyway. Never fails:
It uses rest
I use low kick, get it down to about 1/10 of its energy
It wakes up
I throw a Pokeball, it misses
It uses rest
I use low kick, get it down to hardly any HP again
It wakes up
I throw a Pokeball, it misses

I gave up. I don't want to waste my Pokeballs, I can always catch another if I must.

The boy in Celadon Mansion comments on your Pikachu. "Oh, you have an adorable Pikachu with you. Your Pikachu looks happy with you."

Koga and his gym were identical to the show, although his Pokemon line-up was a little different. I don't know if I'd call his team a poison and sleep one; they did have sleeping powder or toxic, but they seemed to use little but psychic attacks!

L44 Venonat
(*cringe* My highest is L31, and THAT'S a Primeape) L46 Venonat
L48 Venonat

And a L50 Venomoth.

I only got up to the third Venonat before my Pokemon had all fainted. This might be due to the fact that a) my highest Pokemon is L31, b) two of my Pokemon are weak against psychic and c) my Fearow had fainted from the toxic of one of the jugglers in the gym.

But then I traded my L28 Doduo for a L34 Magmar from red version (which had been traded in turn from my cousin's blue version ^_^;;). And bang, back in business. Fearow took out three of them and Magmar finished 'em off.

I thought Koga should have had a Golbat. He didn't. -_-;;

Having beaten Koga, it was off to Saffron. Everything largely the same until, of course, towards the end of Silph.

Gary opened with a L38 Sandslash. This was very mean of him, as every other time, in red, blue AND yellow, he has opened with a flying type, and I had Pikachu active. This throwing me out of sync, it was with much difficulty that I beat Gary, since I'm not heavily into levelling up. My final Pokemon had only 15 HP left by the time I won. He also used a L35 Ninetales (evolved it fast, didn't he -_-;), L37 Cloyster (ditto with that), L35 Kadabra and L40 Jolteon.

Gary's yellow Pokemon are pretty good, he's using some of the best of each type. Supposedly, Gary will evolve Eevee depending on how you fare in early battles against him. Win the first two battles, he makes it a Jolteon so it'll be tough to beat with your Pikachu. Lose the first two battles, he makes it a Vaporeon, thinking that your Pikachu's weak enough to still not be a problem. Lose one and win one, and you face a Flareon.

After you step off the teleporter into the room where Giovanni is, familiar music begins, and who should appear but...

"Hold it right there, brat!"

They're so kind. ^_^.

"Our boss is in a meeting! You better not disturb him!"

Jessie and James launch into an attack with:

L31 Weezing
L31 Arbok
L31 Meowth

After they lose, they say "Like always..." *sighs* The bitter taste of defeat, eh. "Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light! Again..."

And Giovanni fights you with:
L37 Nidorino
L35 Persian
L37 Rhyhorn
L41 Nidoqueen

In Saffron Gym, Sabrina was identical to red and blue, which was disappointing. I mean, Koga's speech being the same is understandable, as he is not terribly different in the show, but Sabrina shoulda been a little more, I dunno, psychotic. *grins* She faces you with:
L50 Abra
L50 Kadabra
L50 Alakazam

This sounds like a tough trio, but if you've got one Pokemon with decent attack stat and a decent non-special attack move, you'll cream 'em. I got 'em all with my L42 Arbok. I'm quite proud of that. *grins*

Just below Fuchsia, near the sea, is a house with a Pikachu (your Pikachu seems to pay it no mind, odd since it fell in love with the Clefairy -_-;) and a person. This is a place where you are supposed to be able to play the 'surfing Pikachu' game.

The man will tell you "Dogs and burgers on special today!" If you talk to the other Pikachu, it'll just make the cry that Pikachu made in red/blue. It is a restaurant, but in the corner is 'some sort of machine'... I believe you will be able to win surfing Pikachu from a Nintendo promotion, rather like the Mew they are giving out. Surfing Pika can also learn water attacks.

Moving into Sea Foam, I snag a Kingler, among others (stuff Articuno, I tried to catch it but no matter how little HP it had left, it just wouldn't even let the ball hit it). So, the final team of mine runs Kingler, Fearow, Magmar, Primeape, Pikachu and Arbok.

Cinnabar's mansion is quite different. There are Growlithe, Grimer/Muk, and Rattata/Raticate. Levels vary from around L26-47. o.O;

In Cinnabar's lab, you can trade a Golduck for Rhydon, Growlithe for Dewgong or Kangaskhan for Muk. Excuse me, but if I DID manage to catch a Kangaskhan (which I always find really hard), I would NOT trade it for any Muk!

To get through the gym, you now HAVE TO answer the quiz boxes. In red/blue, you could, but it wasn't compulsory. Just for the record (I ALWAYS get this question wrong), Caterpie does evolve into Butterfree, according to them. Funny, I thought it evolved into Metapod. Oh well.

Blaine is again like the show. I am becoming a little fed up with this. At least Koga and Sabrina had Pokemon that more-or-less fit in with what they used in the show, but Blaine has a Ninetales, Rapidash and Arcanine. I forget what levels they are, because I was playing it on the bus and I wrote it down in an obscure place that I don't even remember. -_-;

And now for the final gym leader. I think it would be cool for Jessie and James to fight you like they did in the show, but no such luck. He faces you with:
L50 Dugtrio
L53 Persian (fury swipes is a VERY boring attack -_-;)
L53 Nidoqueen (knows Thunder, Double Kick, Earthquake... basically meaning that my entire team has weaknesses here... -_-;)
L55 Nidoking (also @#$& knows Thunder! -_-;;)
He has one more but I can't find out what it is since I always die by Nidoking.

This game is meant to be a little more difficult than blue and red. I admit, I'm finding it quite a challenge. I have to fight gym leaders a few times before beating them. But then, my training is pretty crappy, and my highest Pokemon's level is always at least five below the gym leader's weakest. *laughs*

L55 Rhydon is the final opponent.

That Nidoking is a nightmare. -_-;

Gack! My Pikachu has changed its attitude to me! I look at it and it says "PiKAchu!" happily, with a heart over its head. Finally, it loves me. Took long enough. *grins* It is still my weakest Pokemon though.

I did a little levelling up (like, very little) and then decided to try out the game's 'print' feature. When you look through the Pokedex, each Pokemon has choice of selecting "data, cry, area, prnt and quit".

Selecting print brings up the Pokemon's cry, then a little 'checking link... transmitting, press b to cancel' screen comes up while some rather weak music plays. And it prints on your little Game Boy printer the whole Pokedex entry for that Pokemon (in one screen, not two broken ones, obviously). Nice feature; it's good to further the limited use of the printer. I'm glad to use it. ^_^.

Chansey! Mew
Lousy quality but then, so are the printouts...

You can also print screens of Pokemon whose data you haven't acquired yet (provided that you have seen them), although the entry fields will still be blank after printing. Like the Goldeen you see above (isn't Goldeen a lot cuter in this game? And Chansey! ^_^. ^_^.).

Pokemon Box 1 In the options menu, there is also a 'print' option, where you can choose lightest, lighter, normal, darker and darkest for ink. I think that 'darker' is best. Lightest is pretty ridiculous really, the quality sucks.

As you can see to the right there, it is also possible to print off your Pokemon boxes. This is also good, so you can remember where each Pokemon is (but if you move Pokemon around a lot, it's not too useful). It's also good for seeing how much space you have left in a box - as you can see by the spaces blank at the bottom.

(This proved annoying as when I printed off this box, I'd moved my screen from box 2 to box 1... and accidentally left it there... and then caught a Machamp... and then, when I got to Moltres, I couldn't catch it 'cos there was no room in the Pokemon Box. -_-;)

BTW, mildly off topic, but if you have a Game Boy camera, some of the little tiles you can stick on your photos are POKEMON. *grins*

This game's print features are great... I mean, I wouldn't rush out to buy a printer for the sole purpose of Pokemon Yellow, but it's nice to play around with.

Gary challenges you again before Victory Road, as you know.

L47 Sandslash
L45 Exeggcute
L45 Ninetales
L47 Cloyster
L50 Kadabra
L53 Jolteon

Excellent team, that. Interestingly, it was about the first 'tough' battle I had ever won without having to restart the game. -_-;

In Pokemon League HQ, you can catch Nidorina, Nidorino, Fearow, Mankey, Primeape...

Victory Road, seems about the same... my gosh, Chansey is SO CUTE. *sugar overload* ^_^.

In Victory Road, talking to Pikachu brought up a speech bubble with a heart in it, and it loved me a lot... however, this didn't last long.

After catching Moltres (which it helped to do), it raises a fist triumphantly and winks.

Pokemon League is also the same. However, the Pokemon have some moves changed. Lots of TMs and HMs taught. Gengar knew Mega Drain, Dewgong Bubblebeam, Slowbro Surf, Aerodactyl Fly (!! -_-;) and Machamp Strength, to name a few. Lance was a nightmare, I thought... that his dragons know electric attacks mean that the only ice-type that's good against them is Jynx (and Dragonite knows fire blast!).

My battle against Gary was quite incredible. My highest Pokemon was L53 (Arbok), and in the end, it was his Jolteon (L65) verses Arbok at half health. I won't bore you with the story but suffice to say I won, absolutely amazingly. (And when I finally beat Lance's Dragonite all I had conscious was a L42 Fearow with 24 HP... -_-;) And do not ask me how Kingler can survive Thunderbolts from Pokemon stronger than it.

His final team ran:
L61 Sandslash
L59 Alakazam
L61 Exeggutor
L61 Cloyster
L63 Ninetales
L65 Jolteon

After I reawoke in Pallet, Pikachu was unhappy (it had fainted during the battle against Gary) but after I let it beat a L3 Pidgey (^_^;) it was happy again. Er... great display of strength there, Pikachan. ^_^.

This leaves nought but the Unknown Dungeon to explore. This is the one part of the game that actually IS different; the layout is quite altered; more water, more narrow passages. Easy to get lost. -_-; I won't catch Mewtwo yet - I don't have a prayer with the levels my bunch are at - but I did just have a peek, so I didn't miss anything for this little guide.

Some of the Pokemon in the Unknown Dungeon include Weepinbell, Rhyhorn, Rhydon, Venomoth, Gloom, Graveler, Ditto, Chansey and waaaaaay too many Golbat. -_-;

Well, my game of Pokemon Yellow is over but by no means finished. Still got to get those Pokemon so they can beat the Elite without potions, and then, as the saying goes, gotta catch 'em all...

Such a game can never really end (well, if you got 151 different Pokemon all up to L100, I suppose you might consider that an ending) and there are even parts you can revisit. I surely haven't seen all in Yellow, so this guide may be updated in the future.

And, naturally, here we go...

Returning to Vermilion and the Pokemon fanclub brings a nice surprise. The leader says:

"Hello, Ash! Have you seen my Pokemon photos? I have them framed up on that wall. Ah, I know! Would you like me to take a photo of your Pokemon?"


Then it allows you to choose a Pokemon - and if you have a Game Boy camera, it will print your Pokemon and all its stats. This is actually quite a useful feature.

(BTW, he DOES have photos on the walls, of Rapidash and Fearow.)

Arbok, Pikachu
The reason for two names? The bottom one is your Pokemon's nickname. However, I don't nickname my Pokemon, so...

Also, the girl in Celadon (who, in red/blue, says she got her Koffing from Cinnabar), says: "I got my KOFFING from my friend! We get along now, because I was very nice to it!"

In Viridian Forest (I missed this the first time but a friend told me about it), there is a Lass who says "Hi, do you have a PIKACHU?" (Nahh, what do you think this thing following me around like a sheep is?) Then she fights you with Nidoran, after losing says "Oh no, really?" and then "I looked forever, but I never found a PIKACHU here!" This is a little extra proof thrown in that there are no longer wild Pikachu in Viridian Forest.

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